Portrait. Landscape. Life vs Photograph

I find it so difficult to find the ideal space in which to sketch people. Movement is constant – if only you could click your fingers and stop time for everyone else so that you could have the time you need – this is the advantage of photography but there is never anything so real as sketching from life. I have done many of both and I always find that it is the drawings and paintings done from life that are the best.

Cregannon Lak

My painting at Cregannon lake is a good example if this I think. Sitting in the bank of the lake, I felt the air and smelt the soil, hear the noises. When I tried to repaint a trip up Cader Idris from a photograph I felt that the result was less dimensional and held less character other than detail. Perhaps more work could alleviate this sense but I really felt the tension and urgency up at Cregannon.


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