Each month I submit a poster for St Johns Hall Gallery in Barmouth. It’s a fantastic space to display work, being an ex-church hall. It’s being refurbished over a period of time by Harald Gassner and is being run by Bernard Barnes and Reyna Rushton.

Each time I create a poster I add it to the top of this page.

August 2018
A local author, Jim Perrin, is putting on a lecture discussing Himalayan pioneers Eric Shipton and H.W. Tilman. A local pub has been named in Tilman’s memory and so this story is of local significance.


The August exhibition includes a local art groups work of varying styles; it is a popular exhibition and more people tend to come to these than to others for pure power of the word of mouth.


July 2018
In July, Glyn Baines introduced his award-winning artworks to St Johns Hall Gallery. His wonderful narrative and friendly demeanour was received with rapture by the audience on the open evening. If you’ve never looked this man up I would certainly advise you to. All his paintings have been created from scratch by the artist himself and have a very modern abstract feel – emphasis on colour and balance.


June 2018
June brought two artists to the gallery. The poster was difficult to design but I tried to highlight the painting artist as she was going to take up the greater amount of space. Mary Blindflowers is an artist from Sardinia, now living in or around Cambridge. Her paintings are quite surreal dream-like images in bright colours. Her paintings can be short and quick moments in time or a vision into another universe. Sonja Benskin Mesher is a more local artist who creates, again, quite surreal artwork – perhaps modern abstract could be appropriate, but her work in this exhibition pulled meaning from history and there is a hidden narrative that can be extracted.

poster2 copy

May 2018
In May the artist was Alexandra Cook – she submitted a small number of bright and colourful artworks, mainly landscapes. These joined the resident artists collection and were open to the public throughout the week, except for Mondays, which I am sure you will agree is the worst day of the week for anyone to go to work.


A great feature of the exhibitions held at the Gallery is that the night before they open there is always a party held – allowing for interested parties to see in advance of the official exhibition dates, a preview, along with a talk by the artist and a session of folk music.

Bernard Barnes working on a painting for the gallery.

Last year, 2017, I joined in the festivities at St Johns Hall Gallery with my own exhibition. Sharing with Reyna and Bernard, the resident artists and another guest, Sasha Barnes – who resides in the South of France.

Sasha is well known for her ink paintings of Bath but has now become more involved in landscapes, possibly inspired by her rural residence. She also now has works permanently displayed in the gallery.

Poster from 2017 advertising an exhibition we had in the hall.

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