Letter for the Refugee

Living in Snowdonia for most of my life I had not felt like I could understand what it was to be a refugee or to suffer from malnutrition or be so poor that I could not clothe myself or my family.

10 years ago I went to India and saw true poverty for the first time. I was staggered. At home, I took it for granted that everyone should have food, shelter and hygiene. I thought that the media blew it out of proportion and that people around the world just had different priorities.

Years later I visited Morocco and although there was a certain level of poverty I, for the first time, saw Syrian people begging, having fled their country desperately seeking an escape. These people had lost everything, not just their houses but also their homeland to madmen.

Recently I’ve noticed more grassroots movements in different areas of Wales, willing to take some form of action to ensure that people are more comfortable while they are waiting to see what the different Governments will do to/for them or trying to reach the shores of safer lands.

Supporting Refugees is so important for the future of the sanity of mankind. They say that charity begins at home – and so it should – but sharing some of what you don’t need or can offer could save a life, could impress a smile on someone’s face and may provide some solace.

All people are different, no two are the same. Each person wants for a better world; at no point should a cry for help go unanswered. I don’t have the right, nor do you.

Alyosha Barnes

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