Cartoon City

I’ve been looking at illustrative methods – comic-style images explaining a landscape through recognisable shapes and forms. To describe a city you can simply use a few lines and simple colours. This doesn’t mean that the image is necessarily successful. Let’s have a look:- This simple image constructs a multi-layered city on a hillside. All […]

Trump meets Kim Jong Un on an elephant!!

Unhappy with how his G7 summit went, Trump decided that he needed a bit of good publicity and so he opted to meet his contemporary Kim Jong Un on the back of the world’s largest known elephant. Unfortunately for Trump, Kim was found to actually be related to him through a distant cousin, this is […]

The St Johns Hall Gallery

Each month I submit a poster for St Johns Hall Gallery in Barmouth. It’s a fantastic space to display work, being an ex-church hall. It’s being refurbished over a period of time by Harald Gassner and is being run by Bernard Barnes and Reyna Rushton. Each time I create a poster I add it to […]